June Operating Hours:

Sun-Wed 09:00-14:00
Thur 09:00-19:00
Fri 09:00-14:00
Sat 09:00-19:00

*On Thursdays between the hours of 16:00-19:00 there will commence a reading hour and craft activities for children aged 3-7 which is included in the visitor entry cost.

Arrival by public transport to the Ramat Gan National Park:
Line 33 (Dan bus company) from the Reading terminal in Tel Aviv, via the Azrieli Ayalon Mall, to the San Martin station.
Line 31 (Dan bus company) from the Carmelit bus terminal in Tel Aviv, via the Tel Aviv New Central Bus Station, to the Razi’el/Aluf David station.
Lines 57 & 67 (Dan bus company) from the Azrieli Ayalon Mall to the “Ohel Gabriel” Synagogue, in front of the Eucalyptus Gate of the National Park.

Arrival by car:
The Man and the Living Museum is located in the southern section of the Ramat Gan National Park.
Midweek parking: In the parking lot on the southern side of the park. Entry via the Eucalyptus Gate, adjacent to ‘Ehad HaAm 10’, Ramat Gan (Waze – Ehad Ha’am 10; The Man and the Living World Museum; Ramat Gan National Park).
Weekend and holiday parking: When the boom gate allowing access to the Eucalyptus Gate is closed, parking is permitted in the Western parking lot of the National Park, by the Flower Gate, (Waze – Ramat Gan National Park – חניון מערבי) or in the parking adjacent to the entry to the Safari (Waze – Ramat Gan National Park – שער התותים).
When arriving by foot from the parking lots, follow the directional signs to the Man and the Living Museum.

Adapted access for people with disabilities will be provided to those with a disability certificate, in a wheelchair or with a mobility problem (to coordinate entry, please call 036315010 extension 1).
To reach the reserved disabled parking enter the following into Waze: https://waze.com/ul/hsv8y23y51

Tickets can be purchased on site upon arrival or online, under “tickets” on the website menu.
Entrance to the museum is in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines.
Entrance to the museum is permissible up to half an hour before closing.
Entry is free for children under the age of five.

Admittance to the museum:
Admittance to the museum, special price (residents of Ramat Gan, students, soldiers, police officers, people with disabilities):
Children over the age of five:
Senior citizens:

Contact Details:
Phone: 03-6315010
Email: [email protected]
Address: the National Park, PO Box 947, Ramat Gan 5210901


The Man and the Living Museum is fully accessible to people with disabilities.
• There is disabled parking adjacent to the building.

• Additional disabled parking in the parking lots of the Ramat Gan National Park.

• Disabled bathroom facilities are located outside of the museum building, the path to which is completely accessible.

• The entrance to the museum and the internal halls are all accessible.

• Assistive listening devices for the hearing impaired are available at the front desk. A guidance system adapted for use with the application STEP HEAR, available on all cellular devices, is at the disposal of blind and visually impaired visitors.

• Please seek assistance from any of the staff.

• Entry with a service animal is permitted. Eligible persons will be given an exemption at the front desk.

• An exemption from payment for personal escorts will be granted upon presentation of an appropriate certificate.

• The museum holds an accessibility certificate signed by an accessibility consultant.
The museum is a recognized institution, subject to the Museums Act.
Ministry of Culture and Sport and the Ministry of Education.