What Awaits You?

At the Man and the Living Museum it is important for us to innovate and surprise – so in addition to our fascinating permanent exhibitions, you can enjoy rotating exhibits on the subjects of man, the animal kingdom and the environment.
Here you can find out what’s currently awaiting you on the walls of the Man and the Living Museum…

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About the Museum 

The Man and the Living Museum is a small and intimate museum of nature, established in 1983 in a special building which was previously used for flower exhibitions.
The museum is located in the green heart of Ramat Gan, the National Park, and examines the relationship between man and nature from different perspectives, providing an experience that engages all the senses.
At the museum you can visit the ancient exhibits, which display our biological collections, including mantles (taxidermy animals), skeletons, fossils and more, which invite our visitors to examine various aspects of the animal kingdom and the impact of man on his environment.
In addition, you can interact with and enjoy the changing exhibitions, which deal with various issues relating to nature and the environment, in which we feature artists from diverse fields.
The museum hosts a variety of activities and events for families on weekends and holidays, and provides teachers and students a diverse, enriching and experience laden extracurricular learning environment, ideal for studying topics relating to the science and enrichment curriculum, which you can read more about on the website.
We are happy to update you on the budding changes at the Man and the Living Museum.
About a year ago, the Ramat Gan Safari expanded its sponsorship of the museum. As part of the process of connecting the two bodies, done in collaboration with various focus groups, experts in the field and stakeholders, we invested heavily in developing an organizational, conceptual, artistic and educational program for the museum, which will completely renew its appearance, making it an innovative and relevant museum for both the locals and those visiting from outside the city.